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Jeannette Miller, RDN, IFNCP

Jeannette is a Registered Dietitian and an Institute of Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner. Jeannette is committed to helping people find solutions that optimize health and healing. She has worked in the field of nutrition lifestyle therapy and weight loss for the past ten years.She has worked as an inpatient and outpatient clinical dietitian, a consulting dietitian, educator and as a speaker on health and wellness topics. Jeannette understands the dynamics involved in the process of lifestyle change from the perspective of both a trained professional and as someone who has gone through her own health transformation. Her expertise is in individualized counseling. She helps bridge the gap from where a patient is to where they want to be. Jeannette feels strongly that mental well-being and a healthy mindset is an important part of the process. She will listen to you and offer support, accountability, collaboration, education, and resources to help you regain your health and achieve your life goals.

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