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Anne Landin, CMT

Anne Landin, CMT

Anne has been a massage therapist in Temecula since 1997. She has the amazing ability to connect with her patients and assist them in finding the root cause of their condition and provide technical therapeutic massage therapy to help them heal at the deepest level.


Her years of experience have included a private practice at The Bear Creek Tennis and Fitness Club and working a summer stint, by invitation, at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, one of Southern California’s most prestigious health spas.

Anne's therapeutic massage experience has been enriched by working closely with Dr. Lee Hazen for over 14 years and helping in the healing and recovery process for chiropractic patients. 


Anne is sought after for her unique knowledge and experience in massage therapy and has taught classes at Southern California School of Massage in Riverside. (now closed)


Her therapeutic massage combines relaxation and stress reduction with detoxification and actual remedial work on injuries.  Her massages are tailored to each individual’s needs and most include deep tissue, trigger point or acupressure therapy, and stretching to increase mobility. 


Anne believes that intuition plays a large role in her ability to heal and she connects deeply with her clients and always checks on your wants, needs, and requests. 


The upper body (neck, shoulders, and back) is often focused on in half-hour sessions as it is an area of high stress.


It's Anne's firm belief that health of body and mind is essential to living fully. Emotions are also stored in the body, and massage is ideal for releasing stored emotions.  The focus for each client is to enable them to maintain and/or better their quality of life, whether in work or play, by working with them to maintain or improve that health.  

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