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About us

The Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine is...


Our focus is solely on the treatment and prevention of chronic disease and we specialize in helping patients with serious, life-altering illnesses.  


We designed our clinic to be a place for patients to come to receive a level of care they are not used to experiencing anywhere else. It is our mission to provide our patients with a deep healing experience on all levels, mind body and spirit. Our office was created to eliminate the fear and uncertainty that sometimes surrounds healthcare. We are focused on helping the most desperate and frustrated patients that have been seen by other physicians and practitioners and have not had success in treating their condition. 


We do not discount the benefits of the Western Medical model to treat acute conditions and life-threatening emergency situations. We do, however, believe that the Western Medical model is flawed for the simple reason that short office visits and prescription medication to treat symptoms doesn't heal the body on a deep level and create lasting change.


Most Western medically trained practitioners are opposed to integrating other modalities like chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine and other alternative methods into their practice.  Our doctors refuse to do that. They embrace the strengths of multiple healthcare modalities recognizing the value in utilizing more than one approach to treating a condition.  


We believe that the integration and combination of healthcare models can yield much better health outcomes.


We understand that a properly functioning human body is not a factor of prescribing the right medication. The medication comes in more forms than just a pharmaceutical drug. Certain pharmaceuticals are beneficial, but nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes have proven to have much better long-term results. 


We believe that true healing is possible and comes from getting the body back into balance and giving it the proper nutrition it needs to thrive at an optimal level.


Our physicians are unique for the simple fact that they listen, embrace an empathetic approach to medicine and encourage healing in their patients. Our practitioners partner with their patients on their healthcare journey.  


Change and healing is possible. We are with you…every step of the way!!!

an Integrative Medical Clinic specializing in all aspects of Functional Medicine. 

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