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Lee Hazen, D.C.

Lee Hazen, D.C.

Dr. Hazen graduated Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles in 1989. After a short post-ceptorship in Burbank, Ca, he was invited to become a resident in Dr. James Cox's clinic. From 1989 until 1998 he was co-director and resident in Ft. Wayne Indiana with Dr. Cox. While there, he attended and completed a 400 hour post-graduate Chiropractic Orthopedics training sponsored by National University of Health Sciences. Dr. Hazen has been serving the Murrieta-Temecula area for 15 years. 

As a Cox Technique instructor for the past 25 years, he has taught many chiropractors across the country the use of the specialized decompression table, diagnosis and care of spinal disease. Currently, he is on the post-graduate faculty of National University of Health Sciences.  

He is currently involved in gathering treatment outcome data for ongoing research on failed back surgery syndrome. He is continuing to publish case study reports on difficult and complex case studies that are evaluated and treated in his Temecula, CA office. Lee Hazen D.C. and TCIM is committed to helping you regain and then maintain your quality of life, devoid of spine and extremity pain. Dr. Hazen offers specific protocols for spinal pain relief that are well-researched, well-documented, repeatedly-published and clinically-effective: Cox Technic Flexion-Distraction and Decompression Adjusting Manipulation.  The protocols were started 48 years ago by Dr. James M. Cox in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Cox Technic protocols have evolved as clinical application demands and research studies dictate. We are proud to offer the most cutting-edge, 21st century, non-surgical decompresive spinal pain relief.





The Cox Technique Named after its developer, James M. Cox DC DACBR, Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression is a gentle, non-force chiropractic adjusting approach. 63.7% of chiropractic physicians report using flexion-distraction in their practices. Lee Hazen D.C. offers this highly-effective spinal manipulation and decompression technique, a combination of chiropractic and osteopathic principles. This combination offers a non-surgical alternative to a more intrusive surgery for relief of pain in the neck, arm, back, and leg, especially for the 1 in 4 patients who are 95% of the cost of healthcare dollars for back pain: the disc herniation and stenosis cases. Cox Technic's effectiveness for these more complex conditions makes it a great approach for less complex conditions of back and neck pain as well.

What to expect


Whether you prefer gentle "light" adjustments or traditional "diversified" adjustments, Dr. Hazen utilizes the full range of care. This often includes the Cox Technique which is the most researched and safe treatment in chiropractic today. The spinal and extremity adjustments are geared to your body and your preference. Many people have found what works for them with other chiropractors. Others have had too much or too little treatment. Treatment in our office is a blend of old and new for the maximum relief possible, and always with your safety and health in mind. This starts with the best examination and diagnosis prior to any treatment.  

Office Hours

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