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Cheri Hazen, RN, ICHC, FNLP, LE

Cheri Hazen, RN, ICHC, FNLP, LE

RN (Registered Nurse)

ICHC (International Cert. Health Coach)

FNLP (Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner)    

LE (Lifestyle Educator)

Cheri Hazen FNLP

Cheri has dedicated her life to serving others and working with people on making true transformational changes in their lives. As a dedicated founder of TCIM, her unique approach to healing and her calming influence are appreciated by everyone that gets the privilege to work with her.


Cheri’s formal training is in Nursing. She graduated from BYU in 1984 and started her career by working on a very busy surgical floor preparing patients for surgery. Throughout her career, she has spent time working at a number of different hospitals in California and Indiana. She has helped countless patients ranging from those faced with cancer to helping mothers deliver babies. Cheri has also graduated from massage therapy school and most recently, she has worked with the love of her life, her husband Dr. Lee Hazen at Chiropractic Works, in Murrieta CA as his medical assistant.


Cheri’s most rewarding and favorite time in her life was when she took time away from nursing to raise her four wonderful boys. Raising her children and encouraging and empowering them to develop into men…was by far the greatest “job” that she has ever had.  

With all of her boys now grown and off to college, Cheri decided to take the Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching course from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She proudly received her degree as a certified Health Coach. She is excited that her degree and unique life experiences will give her the ability to empower others and help to restore their health and vitality.


Cheri’s unique approach to healing comes from her own first-hand experience with suffering from a life-altering chronic condition.  Cheri’s journey through intense pain and chronic fatigue forced her to make permanent lifestyle changes, practice coping skills like deep breathing and meditation, and discover the power that proper nutrition has in reversing the disease process.  Now that she is healthy, she has rededicated her life to sharing her story and helping others faced with similar challenges.


Healing is possible…and Cheri is the living proof that her methods work. Cheri makes healing fun, exciting, and breaks everything down into small, obtainable steps. She will never overwhelm a patient with too much information or too much radical change all at once. She understands that this is all a process and she hopes to be viewed as a health partner helping her patients through it all!


Cheri works with patients on the following:


Health Coaching

Stress Management

Diet and Exercise Plans

Lifestyle Changes

Breathing Exercises and Techniques

Encouragement and Reinforcement

Nutritional Consulting

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