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Telemedicine now at Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine

As technology is advancing in healthcare, we are making strides to bring patient-focused technology to our center.

Medicare is now reimbursing for telemedicine. We expect other commercial insurance companies to follow soon. What started as a way to reach patients in remote locations has now been integrated into our clinic as a way to care for our TCIM patients without having to come into the office.

Medicare also has lifted state lines as a defining boundary for physicians to provide telemedicine to patients. This means that any interested medicare patient can be seen by a TCIM practitioner.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine refers to remote clinical services that utilize electronic communications and software to facilitate health care without an in-person visit. Telemedicine technology can be used for a number of different services including medication management, management of acute and chronic health conditions, consultations, and follow-up visits. These services are conducted via secure video and audio connections, typically on a mobile device or computer.

What services can be provided via TCIM telemedicine?

  • Review labs or test results

  • Discuss current symptoms and problems associated with acute and chronic illnesses (such as diabetes, heart conditions, autoimmune disorders, chronic infections).

  • Follow-up on treatments and prescription refills.

  • Telerehabilitation —Chiropractic/Physical therapy can perform video consultations for patients to do in-home therapy (such as strength training exercises and stretches to improve back and neck pain) or to answer questions regarding previous recommendations.

We believe telemedicine will allow you as our patient to continue to receive high-quality health care by our expert practitioners while keeping yourself and your loved ones safe by minimizing the possibility of exposure to illness including the Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

When should I use telemedicine services?

We await your call to schedule your telemedicine visit at (951) 383-4333



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