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To Our TCIM Community

This is a message from the TCIM ownership group announcing that after 6 years of business we have decided to change our logo to something that better represents who we are. When we first started to dream up TCIM, there were many synchronicities and experiences that helped shape who we are today. One of the experiences that is a clear part of our story is when Dr. Lundquist visited a retreat healing center that had a labyrinth on the property. The journey of a labyrinth is one where at the beginning you set an intention and by the time you finish there is an opportunity for insight. Through Dr. L’s journey on this labyrinth, the insight came to open TCIM. The labyrinth surrounding the tree in our new logo represents the journey and, here at TCIM, we believe that you join us on a journey to reaching your optimal health.

At TCIM we practice a unique style of medicine. Our team leans heavily on a functional medicine approach with a marriage of many ancillary options along with conventional modalities when needed. In Functional medicine, many times the image of a tree is illustrated because what you visually see with branches and leaves represents the health of the tree but the true opportunity to impact those leaves is at the roots. You can’t have strong branches without healthy roots. The tree represents the body and the roots represent the foundation of the tree. Here at TCIM, we treat the root of the problem with a full-body approach and our goal is to create a flourishing body just like a beautiful bountiful tree.

Together these two images brought into one illustrates who we are. We love our new logo and we hope that it clearly defines who we are.



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