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DO YOU SUFFER FROM KNEE PAIN? Regenerative Medicine may be able to help...

Did you know that 1/4 Of the population over 40 Years of age suffer from some form of knee pain?

And most of us, are forced to go to the drug store to purchase an “over the counter” pain reliever like Advil, Tylenol, or Motrin or maybe a pain relieving cream or balm to try and get some sort of relief.

Some of you may have tried different nutritional supplements like Glucosamine, or fish oil, or something more natural to help to decrease the inflammation in you knee and try to help the join improve it’s function.

But how effective are these remedies? Sadly, only about 25% of these people actually experience relief and their knee is able to heal up enough to allow them to perform their normal day-to-day activities.

So that means that 75% of people are still forced to take some sort of pain reliever or supplement in order to get their knee to feel well enough to do the things that they love.

Unfortunately, there is a huge downside with these over-the-counter solutions. Over time, they can create a lot of problems for people because these products actually disrupt the gut (your microbiome), start to impact the kidneys, and can actually impair the body enough to start to prohibit its ability to heal itself.

So what are some alternatives?

Before we go there, I think it is important to understand what actually causes the knee pain to begin with...

As we get older we experience "degenerative" changes like Osteoarthritis, damage to the ligaments (ACL or MCL tear, sprain, etc.), bursitis, or maybe even tendonitis. All of these involve damage to the “joint” in some way, and inhibit the bodies ability to function normally without pain.

There are also some systemic types of inflammation like Gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis that impact a lot of people, but these are generally caused by an auto-immune response in the body. These tend to be better treated with anti-rhemotological medication or a comprehensive auto-immune protocol.

So what can someone do who suffers with knee pain?

I recommend looking into a new form of treatment, called Regenerative Medicine. Regenerative Medicine is a non-medicinal form of treatment that promotes the bodies ability to heal.

Regenerative Medicine uses things like Ozone, a form of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Biological Allograft (Stem Cells) to help patients heal and eliminate their pain. Regenerative Medicine is a safe, natural, non-surgical approach that actually helps your body regenerate tissue and cartilage to help promote healing so you can live pain free, once and for all.

I am super passionate about our Regenerative Medicine treatments. If you are interested in learning more about them, click here, or call 951-383-4333 to schedule a consultation with me.

Warmest regards, Erik Lundquist, MD



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