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Melissa Spurgeon, L.P.

"As a Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practioner, I am inspired to help others accomplish their health goals. I feel that I can guide them along their journey towards vibrant health."

Long inspired by the health and fitness industry, Melissa Spurgeon earned a kinesiology degree from San Diego State University and a desire to learn even more about health and nutrition. While attending college, Melissa did a nutritional detox for the first time. In one month, she noticed that she could concentrate better, sleep more soundly, and eliminate the stomach problems that had been plaguing her for years.


Melissa went on to earn her Lifestyle Educator certification with Metagenics, a nutraceutical supplement company.  Additionally, she has just completed an intense year-long program with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, earning a Holistic Health Coach Certification in early 2019. 


Since TCIM first opened it's doors in 2014, Melissa has become increasingly adept at working with our Practitioners to achieve patient health goals within a wide variety of conditions including diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and autoimmune disease.  


She imparts this knowledge to TCIM patients as one of our in-office Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioners, as well as to her personal clients.

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